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RST Services

RST Services

Group Classes

RST has a wide range of classes to suit your needs. Whether your goals are to increase you Cardio Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Decrease Fat, learn how to protect yourself or to simply have fun, we have you covered.

We update our Timetable seasonally with favourites and new classes that may be of interest to our members. See our timetable or contact us today to enquire about our other classes.

Personal Training

At RST, let one of experienced trainers support your health at a pace that suits you. Having a trainer by your side can provide you with the encouragement, energy and motivation you need to jump-start your fitness routine. Whether you are a complete newbie to working out or you know the ropes, we can help set you on the path to reach your goals.

Using the latest technology, goXpro, all sessions are digitally tracked with immediate feedback and correction to your workouts. goXpro is latest in Personal Training software providing powerful insights into trainer performance and client results. The trainer’s app empowers personal trainers to challenge the standard approach of one-size-fits-all Personal Training with individualised training plans for each of their clients and this provides a unique and truly tailored Personal Training experience for our clients.

Our PT on-boarding process is so important for you as there may be some underlying rehab that needs to be completed first before you seek a training program. This allows us to provide better care for you and better programs for your goal in the safest approach possible.

Health & Wellness Consulting

Where are you now and where is it you want to be tracking to?

Our health and wellness consultations provide you the time to identify where you’re at now and allows us to understand why your goal is important to you and what your body has gone through so we can create a program specific to YOU and your body needs!

We do NOT believe “One Size Fits All” and so we have partnered with Evolt 360, a groundbreaking company whose advanced Body Wellness Index has brought the outdated concept of BMI into the 21st Century.

Understanding where you are and what your body actually needs to allow it to transition to the goal/ results you want vs jumping in and doing what you think will get you there is a powerful advantage!

It’s one thing to set mile markers and have an idea of what it take. However, having a clear perspective of what your body has gone through and how to give back to it for it to function optimally and maintain results will give you a way more enjoyable experience in the gym, instead of inducing an avoidable exercise injury and needing to prolong your process/goal.

Gym Floor

If access to the gym floor is all you need, then we have you covered and then some! RST wish to maintain a standard of professionalism and care for all of our members.

To ensure you are setup for success when you sign up to our Gym Only membership, you will receive access to all our our Online content as well as an initial free Evolt 360 Bio-Composition Scan to provide you valuable information on your body composition, macros, lean body mass, visceral fat mass and muscle to fat ratios.