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Martial Energy Australia

Martial Energy Australia

Welcome to Martial Energy Australia, servicing the Macarthur region!

We teach Kids Karate, Adults Karate, Kickboxing, Self Defence and XMA.

Martial Energy Australia, has expanded into the Macarthur region. Our Martial Arts programs are enriched with innovative and conscientious techniques that allows our students to progress at their own pace to achieve goals and develop a positive mind-set. Our trainers have the experience and the skill set to train all aspiring students with all the techniques developed in the Martial Energy Syllabus.

We have split the classes into age groups to help focus on age appropriate training. Not only will you learn Karate and Kickboxing, but as part of the Martial Energy training, you will also learn other forms in mixed martial arts including self defence, body control, gymnastics for martial arts, weapons, Muay Thai, Sanda, Judo and grappling techniques in Jiu Jitsu and wrestling.

Martial Energy is also affiliated with the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations who are also affiliated with the International Olympic Committee, meaning we are helping build a path for our Marital Artists to the Olympics!


We have multiple Karate classes starting from Little Ninjas (4-7), Kids Karate (7-15) and Adult Karate (15+). Our Classes have been designed as an introductory level form of Self Defence, Discipline and Fitness for all ages, fitness levels and experience.

They will enjoy learning the foundations of Karate strikes, stances, blocks, kicks and fixed forms, while also preparing their little bodies to be fit, strong and flexible as they grow.

Karate is an essential part of the combat training that also help in developing life skills that are vital to achieve success in numerous challenges of life. We consistently try to bring in new and advanced karate techniques to help students gain confidence and positive attitude whilst improve their physical fitness.


With our Kickboxing for Kids (7-15) and Adults (15+), you can work your whole body, instead of just focusing on one part at a time. We have a flexible training program that suits both, beginners and professional kickboxers. Our kickboxing training program will help anyone get in great shape, attain physical fitness, lose weight and take their skills to a whole new level with regular and strenuous training regimen. We provide our trainees with all the tools and assistance they require.

Our Kickboxing training is not only for those who are looking to compete in the professional kickboxing competitions but also for those who are looking to get in good physical shape or lose weight. Moreover, we see many people learning kickboxing, as it is an exceptional self defence method. Challenging drills, pad work and combinations would be the key elements that will help you build lean muscles and develop outstanding conditioning.

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