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About Us

About Us

About Us

Ready, Set Toned Fitness strives to get you in your best possible shape, regardless of your current physical condition in a small, personal environment.

Exercise should already be a part of your everyday lifestyle. If it’s not, why not? There is no excuse not to get out and enjoy keeping fit! Exercise not only makes you feel good but there is a wide range of health benefits that go with it. In fact, I can’t think of any negative reasons or excuses as to why you shouldn’t exercise!

It has been recommended that we include 20 mins of exercise as part of our daily routine, this could be walking the dog around the block, going for a swim, to the gym or taking part in a group fitness class.

Get moving, keep fit and enjoy life!

Meet the Owners

Natalie and Nathan Ierano are the proud owners of RST Fitness and Martial Energy Macarthur. Having worked for a number of years at RST, Natalie partnered with her husband to take over from Nicole Butler as the owners of RST Fitness in 2019. Natalie and Nathan will continue to add to the RST Fitness Services and have introduced RST Consulting for Health & Wellness and Kids Martial Arts to the Services to keep kids fighting fit too.

Both Natalie and Nathan have a strong Fitness and Martial Arts background with Natalie being a Brown Belt in Kempo Karate and Nathan achieving 1st Dan Black Belt in Kempo Karate. Along with training in Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu, both Natalie and Nathan bring a new dimension to the RST family that will help to engage the families of our members.

Nathan runs an IT & Project Consulting Business in the city and is also FFA NSW grassroots soccer coach at Harrington Park Hornets and was a Little Athletics Sprint Coach in his younger years.

Natalie loves Archery and has a passion for passing on what she has learned and wants to ensure all ladies feel strong, fit and safe and so she will also be teaching Women’s Kickboxing and Self Defence.

Natalie and Nathan also have 3 children Indiana, Corban and Scarlett who all participate in Martial Arts, Soccer, Little Athletics and Tumbling.