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Martial Energy Mount Annan

Martial Energy Mount Annan

We have partnered with Martial Energy Australia to bring Martial Arts to RST!

We will be slowly be introducing new classes to RST which will include Kids Kickboxing, Women’s Kickboxing and Women”s Self Defence and starting with Kids Karate.

Our Karate program is enriched with innovative and conscientious techniques that allows our students to progress at their own pace to achieve goals and develop a positive mind-set. Our Karate trainers have the experience and the skill set to train all the aspiring students with all the karate techniques developed in the Martial Energy Syllabus.

We have split the classes into age groups to help focus on age appropriate training.

Martial Energy is also affiliated with the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations who are also affiliated with the International Olympic Committee, meaning we are helping build a path for our Marital Artists to the Olympics!

The ONLY Martial Arts school in the Macarthur region.

Little Ninjas

Little Ninjas has been designed as an introductory level form of Self Defence, Discipline and Fitness for children aged 4 to 7.

They will enjoy learning the foundations of Karate strikes, stances, blocks, kicks and fixed forms, while also preparing their little bodies to be fit, strong and flexible as they grow.

At RST we want to ensure that all our members and their families are fit and healthy and with out littlest members, this is no different. We have training packages that allow our RST Fitness members to receive discounted classes for their kids. Contact Us today to find out more!

Kids Karate

Kids Karate starts from Novice Karate and progresses through the ranks from White to Black Belt and starts from ages 7 through to 15 years, depending on their maturity, size and strength.

You children will not only learn the foundations of Karate – discipline, strikes, kicks, blocks and fixed forms – but they will also learn about body control, tricking\gymnastics, kickboxing, throws, grappling and weapons.

They will also have the opportunity to participate in light contact sparring once they get to a certain level. This will ensure they are able to protect themselves but also gives them the opportunity to compete under WAKO Australia in various categories which also includes XMA Musical forms.


Karate is an essential part of the combat training that also help in developing life skills that are vital to achieve success in numerous challenges of life. We consistently try to bring in new and advanced karate techniques to help students gain confidence and positive attitude whilst improve their physical fitness.

There are so many reasons why to learn Karate. Maybe you want to quit smoking, increase flexibility, improve overall health or any other reason, so the Karate training it will get you back on track with your health and fitness.


Karate has been associated with personal discipline and commitment, Karate training will bring these two together then your life will change overall in your day to day activities. The most important thing is to take the step here and now, without any further delay. start your karate experience and get closer to achieving the set goals of your life.

We have a team of great trainers who use to be students, so don’t worry! They won’t push you beyond your limits. The best thing about our training classes is that we don’t mix beginners with intermediate or the expert individuals, each group has a separate class and time, so we can accommodate for each particular skill set.

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